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July 15, 2015

Closing Commando Sales Training Call

Closing Commando Sales Training Call
Thursday, July 23, 2015
10 am Pacific / 12 pm Central / 1 pm Eastern
Based on our recent survey, most of the folks on our list want to know
how to close more sales. On Thursday, July 23 we will hold a special
LIVE TRAINING CALL on how to seal more deals.

Call in details will be sent the week of the event. The call will be
about 45 minutes long. No recordings. No replays. Only 100
spots available. Mark your calendar to attend this live event.


July 14, 2015

Cold Calling Backlash

Fact is, consumers hate (with a capital “H”) getting cold called.

On one of my first such calls, the guy on the other end of the line got so angry he said things my “virgin” ears couldn’t handle. Which is why it’s critical to understand the steps someone takes before making a buying decision. Otherwise, you’re just intruding and creating a stressful situation for no good reason.

In the email series — How To Ease Prospects Into Buying Without A Fight — we reveal how to position yourself and your product/service as a logical choice… rather than… as an intrusion.

When you join Stan Billue’s “Daily Sales Tips” E-List you get the entire series for free.

Take a look.

July 13, 2015

How People Buy

Do you know — exactly — how your prospects make a buying decision?

I bet not!

In fact, I bet your sales process goes against your typical prospect’s buying process.

And that’s what causes all that friction… and tension… and stress between you and them. It comes down to a misalignment of interests. You want to sell. They want to buy… but… not when you’re ready to sell. When they’re ready to buy.

In the “How To Ease Prospects Into Buying Without A Fight” email series, we explain each of the five phases a typical buyer goes through… BEFORE… choosing a product or a vendor.

Sign up to Stan Billue’s Daily Sales Tips and get instant access to this series.

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July 10, 2015

The Guaranteed Way To Fail In Sales

The sales profession gets a bad rap.

On the one hand, no sales = no business.

On the other hand, the selling process scares sales people stiff.

An article in the Wall Street Journal by Lauren Weber on February 6, 2015 titled, “Why It’s So Hard to Fill Sales Jobs,” highlighted the difficulty in attracting people to the field due to its perception of being high risk and competitive.

The fear of selling stems from a number of factors.

One of which is: The sales person does not know how to sell.

If you know what you’re doing… then… there’s nothing to fear. But when you are confused and untrained anything (including something simple) can seem daunting.

One out of nine people in the U.S. workforce is employed in sales.

Professional selling represents the second-largest employment category.

And yet, most salespeople have minimal, if any, formal training in sales.

Wanna guarantee you fail in sales – or anything? Then don’t get the training needed to know your craft. Wanna guarantee you have a fighting chance of making sales a lucrative profession?

Then… get the sales training you need to succeed.

A good start is to get on Stan Billue’s “Daily Sales Tips E-List.”

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July 3, 2015

Dealing with price shoppers

Sales people hate it.

And who can blame them?

You give a great presentation. Pile on the benefits. Give every reason why the prospect should move forward with your proposal. And what do you get?


The prospect knows this is right for them. In fact, they told you so.

Yet… they just don’t budge.

You know, Stan had a great way of handling these kinds of prospects.

Often they would end up buying and thanking him for the privilege.

First: Stan would ask the right questions to uncover the prospect’s true objections.

Second: He would cater his sales presentation to eliminate those specific objections. The whole process felt very natural. Often, he would be able to remove a buyer’s fear of moving forward without ever talking about the specific objection.

Third: This is HUGE! Stan would listen closely to the buyer’s responses as he was trial closing them. When he hit upon a buying signal, Stan would make sure it was for real. And, if it was, then he would close right on the spot.

This three part sales sequence allowed Stan to close more sales in a month than a typical sale rep would close in a year.

In The Top Producer Profit Pack (which includes ALL of Stan Billue’s best-selling products) reveals every secret technique Stan used to turn price shoppers into buyers.

And he doubled his income in sales for five years straight.

Go here for all the details…

June 22, 2015

Schmuck Salesman Gets Last Laugh

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He was a total greenhorn.

This guy didn’t know a closing technique from a hole in the ground.

And it showed. First six months in sales he closed one deal. Pretty
bad if you like food with your meals. What was the problem?

Well, for one, he had long conversations with other sales reps in
the office. You know the kind of water cooler talk I’m referring to.

They’d complain about the sucky leads. They’d complain about the
pit-bull sales manager always getting on their ass to sell more.
They’d complain about the product. And on. And on. And on.

Then one day our hero had an epiphany.

Actually, it was more like his sales manager forced him to have an
epiphany. They had a little “chat” about his future. It was bleak.
He had about a month to get his shift together or hit the road.

But his manager saw something in the little sales schmuck. Call it
a glimmer of hope. So he did something that he’d done with many
sales reps.

Few had heeded his advice. Who knew what this rep would do but
it was worth a shot.

He plopped about 10 different sales training audio tape programs
in from of him. And said, “Start with the one on top until you
master it. Then go to the next.”

Our hero began listening to the first set.

One tape in particular was especially appropriate when it came
to dealing with his kind of prospects. So he played that tape
over and over again.

From home to the office.

From the office to appointments.

Everywhere he went, this tape was playing in his car.

By the end of that month, he became the number one rep in
his category for the company.

The point?

If you’re new or getting stale pick up a tape set from someone
who knows what they’re talking about.

Like maybe one of Stan Billue’s.

Listen to it over and over again until the sales methods are
engrained on your mind. This is positive programming at its very

Before you know it, you’ll be selling like crazy.

Since most of us use the phone (in one way, shape or form) to
talk with prospects and customers Stan’s Double Your Income Selling
On The Phone is perfect. And it’s cheap.

Take a look…

May 11, 2015

He is resting now

I want to let all of Mr. Fantastic’s loyal fans know that he passed away today at 3pm. He has trained me (his step daughter) to carry his legacy on. So every one be watching the sites I’m planning on doing some type of farewell promotion for a short time. Also we still have the TOP PRODUCER PACK available which is an amazing bargain. But this promotion is coming to a close quick so any one that has been wanting to buy it, should get it soon or its going to be gone. Once that pack is gone it wont be coming back. It was a one time deal because dad wanted to help as many people as he could before he passed. We are still offering all the same services as well as our products. Every one that has subscribed to our monthly news letter i will be getting that out in the next few days. As well as starting the weekly marketing tips and positive quotes on twitter and Facebook again.

Mises Fantastic JR


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