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October 29, 2015

Crazy Sales Story Contest

 I’d like to ask you a favor…

This will benefit both you and other sales people, business owners and entrepreneurs.

I’m putting together a book of what I call “crazy sales stories.”
These stories are about unusually creative ways sales people and business owners came up with to generate leads… reach decision makers… and make the “impossible” sale.
I’m looking for story submissions!
If you would be interested in sharing, just reply to…
The subject line should say… “I’m in, John!”
If I get enough responses I’ll move forward with this project… which… includes a contest.
The grand prize is Stan Billue’s bestselling phone sales and telemarketing videos series in history. Which is a real $697 value!
Plus… a number of “hot bonuses”… and everyone who submits a story gets a complimentary copy of the ebook that… for now… is titled…
Crazy Sales Stories: How Regular Salespeople Came Up With Creative Ways To Make The Impossible Sale
So do me a favor and let me know if you’re in…
Send an email to:
You’ll benefit others and yourself by participating.
Thank you.

August 26, 2015

Top Inside Sales Challenge In 2015

The folks at just finished up an interesting study.

They surveyed 200 companies to discover what their top challenges are in 2015. At the top of the list (for BOTH sales managers and sales reps) was… Having Enough Leads!

For sales managers, a distant fifth was… sales training.

For sales reps, a close second was… accessing a decision maker.

Read The Forbes Article Here

So let’s consider the above…

The #1 challenge for inside sales companies is… quantity of leads.

The second biggest challenge for reps is… getting to the decision maker.

Getting leads is a function of marketing, finding the right lists, etc.

But getting to the decision maker (the second biggest problem sales reps have) is a function of training. Yet, training is the #5 priority on the list of challenges for management.

Do you see a disconnect here?

For some strange reason, it seems to me, managers want reps to get to decision makers… without… the right training to do so.

Kinda silly.


If sales managers want reps to engage with more decision makers they need to…

Set up better marketing systems so decision makers are interested in talking with the sales reps. This is the number one reason sales reps don’t get through to decision makers. Because the decision makers are not interested in being pestered by sales people.

On the other hand, if marketing systems were set up that PRE-SOLD decision makers on the solution the company is offering… then… more of them would be willing to talk to the reps for further explanation, etc.

In addition, phone sales training would assist sales reps in getting past gatekeepers in a professional manner… and… reaching more of those decision makers.

What do you say?


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