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November 8, 2015

Free Phone Sales Training From Stan Billue

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If you’d like Free Phone Sales Training from the “master” himself… Stan Billue… then pay close attention to this post.

We are holding a “Crazy Sales Stories” Contest.

The point of this contest is simple. Sales people, business owners and entrepreneurs can submit a story about how they generated leads… reached the “unreachable” decision maker or closed the “impossible” sale by using some unusually creative strategy.

The stories will be reviewed by us.

The winner gets the Grand Prize: Which is the best-selling phone and telemarketing sales training video series in history created by Stan Billue.

For details go here…

By the way: Everyone who submits a story gets a Free Copy of the e-book “Crazy Sales Stories.” But we need your crazy sales story by November 15, 2015.

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August 13, 2015

Do You Make This Cold Calling Mistake?

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A recent study I saw showed that a group of Realtors called something like 6,500 prospects.

The Realtors either asked for an appointment or a referral.

The end result was:

  • 19 appointments set
  • 11 referrals

These figures indicate a very low percentage of conversion.

Why so low?

In my opinion, it’s because the cold call was asking for too much too soon. Think about it: When you cold call, the people you’re calling do not know you. They are not expecting your call. They may or may not be interested in what you are selling.

Asking for an appointment or a referral is simply too big of a request.

Better: Offer valuable free info to establish a relationship first. Then follow up to move the relationship to the next level. But be careful. Because far too often people will accept a free report (or some other free info) just to get you off the phone.

So qualify.

Find out when they’ll be in the market for the product or service your free brochure or report discusses. See if the person is even considering making a purchase at some point. Otherwise, you’ll be sending out info to people who are not interested and don’t need what you offer.

Is your cold calling and inbound phone process up to snuff?

Find out how to improve it by going here…

June 24, 2015

Q&A With Stan About Closing More Sales

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Stan Billue is credited with helping more people become six and seven-figure-a-year sales reps than any other trainer of his time.

One of the reasons he was successful at helping others is because he had been in the sales trenches. He dealt with the challenges and opportunities the rest of us face each day. And he figured out how to sell his way to the top.

Sales people would often ask him questions about what to do on the front lines.

Take a look at a few of them and see how you can apply his answers to improve your sales efforts… TODAY!

Q: How do I become more enthusiastic?

A: Great question since sales is all about transferring your enthusiasm to the prospect. You have to believe in your product or service. You must believe it is a valuable solution to the prospect’s problem. That belief becomes obvious in your body language and voice.

Q: What’s the fastest way to getting better at sales?

A. There are a few things to consider. But, to start with, pick a sales trainer who resonates with you. Buy an audio or video set about how they sell. And listen to or watch it daily for about an hour. Within no time, their sales process will seep into your mind and you’ll start using their proven techniques naturally.

Q: If you had to start over in sales, what would you do first?

A: Get educated and competent at selling… and… learn to remove anxiety and worry out of my mind. Nothing will stop you more than not knowing what you’re doing. That feeling of uncertainty spills over into worry. And worry will stop you dead in your tracks.

On that note, in The Sales Expose ebook, Stan reveals a simple strategy for eliminating worry out of your life forever.

Check it out here.

June 23, 2015

Why Sales Is Such A Struggle

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I’m willing to bet 90% of sales people find their job a struggle.


Well, consider sales somewhat like dating. Attracting someone to you
and knowing how to get them interested is the key.

In sales, what attracts prospects is if they believe you have a solution
to their problem. But how they get interested in knowing about the
solution makes all the difference.

Example: You sell cars. The market needs affordable transportation. Every
car dealership tries to attract customers with the same basic pitch. You’ll
save money when you buy from us.

On the surface, saving money seems to be a solid solution to the problem
of getting affordable transportation.

The problem is when everyone is saying the same thing the offer falls on
deaf ears.

You must be different.

One smart car salesman came up with a brilliant idea.

He noticed that most people HATE to talk to car salesmen. They’re afraid
of getting sold. So he set up a simple web page that offered a solution to
this problem.

The headline on his site said something like…

10 Sneaky Tricks Car Salespeople Pull On Unsuspecting Consumers

To read about these tricks, you just opt in with your first name, email
and phone number. Then you get sent to the page with all the info.

This guy started getting tons of leads. And since he provided valuable
information — a solution to a big problem for consumers — he was
dealing with folks who were “warmed-up” and willing to talk.

The first several contacts were always made by phone.

That’s where Stan Billue’s Double Your Income Selling On The Phone
can really help. It shows you how to turn warm leads into hot leads
who are ready to buy.

More here…

June 22, 2015

Schmuck Salesman Gets Last Laugh

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He was a total greenhorn.

This guy didn’t know a closing technique from a hole in the ground.

And it showed. First six months in sales he closed one deal. Pretty
bad if you like food with your meals. What was the problem?

Well, for one, he had long conversations with other sales reps in
the office. You know the kind of water cooler talk I’m referring to.

They’d complain about the sucky leads. They’d complain about the
pit-bull sales manager always getting on their ass to sell more.
They’d complain about the product. And on. And on. And on.

Then one day our hero had an epiphany.

Actually, it was more like his sales manager forced him to have an
epiphany. They had a little “chat” about his future. It was bleak.
He had about a month to get his shift together or hit the road.

But his manager saw something in the little sales schmuck. Call it
a glimmer of hope. So he did something that he’d done with many
sales reps.

Few had heeded his advice. Who knew what this rep would do but
it was worth a shot.

He plopped about 10 different sales training audio tape programs
in from of him. And said, “Start with the one on top until you
master it. Then go to the next.”

Our hero began listening to the first set.

One tape in particular was especially appropriate when it came
to dealing with his kind of prospects. So he played that tape
over and over again.

From home to the office.

From the office to appointments.

Everywhere he went, this tape was playing in his car.

By the end of that month, he became the number one rep in
his category for the company.

The point?

If you’re new or getting stale pick up a tape set from someone
who knows what they’re talking about.

Like maybe one of Stan Billue’s.

Listen to it over and over again until the sales methods are
engrained on your mind. This is positive programming at its very

Before you know it, you’ll be selling like crazy.

Since most of us use the phone (in one way, shape or form) to
talk with prospects and customers Stan’s Double Your Income Selling
On The Phone is perfect. And it’s cheap.

Take a look…

June 17, 2015

Beat The Do Not Call Law Legally

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The Do Not Call Law was passed to stop telemarketers from pestering people.

When you think about it… the fact that a law had to be passed tells you just how much of a nuisance unsolicited calls are to the public. Those kinds of calls are just as annoying to business people.

So how are you supposed to contact prospects over the phone?

Basically, the law states that as long as you have a business relationship with a prospect… then… you can call them.

How do you establish a business relationship?

Here’s one strategy that’s been working for years: A real estate company runs small lead generation ads. The ads offer free reports of interest to buyers and sellers. They place the ads in select online and offline media.

People call to request a copy of the report. At which point, they have just established a business relationship.

The real estate agents follow up by phone after sending the reports.

I know of a number of sales people (in various industries) who run their entire operations based on this model. Offer valuable info in exchange for contact info.

Send the report, audio or whatever and then follow up by phone.

The sale, of course, doesn’t happen until you get on the horn. So knowing what to do with someone once you call is critical to clinching the sale.

The Sales Expose ebook covers the basics of selling in person or on the phone. Stan wrote it to help new and veteran sales dogs get their mojo on and start closing like top producers.

Grab a copy here.

Make it a “FANTA$TIC” Future!

John “Angel” Anghelache

On behalf of the late and great Stan Billue, CSP

June 16, 2015

Treat your sales profession as a means to an end.

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(NOTE: We plan on posting one of Stan’s sales tips daily (Monday to Friday) from now on. If you like what you read please pass them on. Thank you.)

Treat your sales profession as a means to an end.

In other words, create a plan to use sales as a way to achieve financial independence in the next 5 years or so. This strategy will energize you to put your best foot forward every day.

Why work at sales like J.O.B. and get burned out?

You can treat your sales career as a fast-track to financial freedom and security!

This is what Stan did… and… this simple paradigm shift gave him the “juice” to double his income in sales for five years straight. Then he was able to do just about whatever he wanted with the rest of his life.

Want to know how to implement a similar plan?

Then you’ve got to get your hands on The Sales Expose ebook. Stan jam-packed it with actionable strategies you can use to immediately get your sales career into high gear.

Go here for more details.

Make it a “FANTA$TIC” Future !

John “Angel” Anghelache
On behalf of the late and great Stan Billue, CSP

April 10, 2015

Health Update – Week 9 – 4/10/15

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On Easter Sunday Margie, Chasity, little Josh and I attended Church, colored a bunch of Eggs and then had an Egg Hunt for Josh. I continue to lose more energy on almost a daily basis and every 2 or 3 hours I have to rest or even take a short nap. I’m loosing a lot of weight because of my Liquid Diet however I’m without serious pain about 80 to 90% of the time, which is a true blessing. My ‘Brother’ Jimmy drove over from Clearwater for another visit and this time we also got to meet his wonderful Wife Amber. Margie and I finally got out and enjoyed a wonderful Boat ride on the River. If you can, Margie would sure appreciate a small donation at . We started a new 12 day promotion today called the “Top Producer Profit Pack” with over $1,100 of my Products for only $397 and the early results are off the charts. Check it out at: .

March 27, 2015

My 1st new Sales Training series in 25 years

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If you’ve been living in a Cave or joined the Witness Protection program you might have missed the news. I’ve written, produced  and released my 1st new Sales Training series in 25 years called “30 Days 2 Greatness in Sales” located at  It contains the best of the best including 140 Skills and Techniques and 18 of the most powerful Closes in the history of Sales.


November 19, 2011

A free Beer for Stan Billue in Costa Rica

Hey Stan, I’m here at my Lake Arenal “Lake and Volcano View” Resort Community. Owe it all to you “Mr. Fanta$tic”. NO one trained me in the things you did, thanks a million. We just finished House # 30. Let me know when you want to come visit at the Lake Arenal project of the Pacific Beach project. You are my personal guest and the 1st Beers are on me.

Ray Cruz in Costa Rica

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